Q: How do we get our antler tips?

A:  Our antler tips come from a handful of states in the west. All of the tips we use are naturally shed annually by the deer—we do not harm any animals.

Q: How do we make our products?

A:  We work with a program based out of St. Louis Park called Perspectives (Perspectives, Inc. is a multi-service agency whose award-winning prevention, intervention, and recovery programs span over three decades. Their target population is vulnerable, at-risk families and children whose lives have been derailed because of addiction, homelessness, or mental illness.) We provide the women with work by assembling our jewelry at a $10+ an hour rate on their own time or during a workshop we provide weekly.

Q: Do we do custom sizing?

A: We believe everybody should be able to wear our jewelry comfortably; we will gladly lengthen or shorten any of our pieces to fit you perfectly.

Please send us a message through our "contact" page to inquire about this.

Q: How do I care for my new Tess+Tricia piece?

A:  For any piece of jewelry, please refrain from wearing the piece(s) during rigorous activity or in water—slight discoloration may occur and durability could change.

For our handcrafted tassels, simply cover the beaded and gold components, then gently give the tassel a light scrub with a mild soap and luke warm water—let air dry before putting the piece back on.

For light stone colored bracelets or necklaces, if the edges of the stones darken from rubbing on the metal components, gently scrub the darkened area with a Q-tip dampened with mild soap and water. Dry with a dry Q-tip.